Allen Surla

Assistant Professor in Political Science
De La Salle University

Prof. Allen Surla is a senior faculty member of the Political Science Department and concurrent Director for External Affairs and Internationalization of the College of Liberal Arts of De La Salle University in Manila. He is also former Director for Information Technology of DLSU. He has extensive consulting work for both local and international organizations – with particular focus on ICT and local governance. His recent engagements include training of officers of government financial agencies on the rule of law and effective governance as well as efforts to increase ICT appreciation among local governments units.

Prof. Surla’s background is on Urban Planning and he is one of the architects of the first Cyber Technopark in the Philippines, which is located at the former US base in Clark Field, Pampanga. He is also part of the core group that developed the Mindanao Development Framework Plan for Southern Philippines that was funded by the USAID.

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