Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Communication
De La Salle University

Cheryll Ruth Soriano is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication in De La Salle University. Her research interests lie in community, alternative, and activist new media as well as on digital inequalities, focusing on the media used and produced by cultural activists and marginal populations and the political, social, and spatial contexts underlying these new media engagements. She leads a study on the social ecology of internet access and use by youth in low-income communities in Manila and also begins research examining emerging forms of digital labor in the Global South. Her research works appear in journals such as Media, Culture and Society, The Information Society, and Communication, Culture & Critique, among others. Her co-edited book, Asian Perspectives on Digital Culture: Emerging Phenomena, Enduring Concepts (with A/P Sun Sun Lim) was published in 2016 under Routledge’s Internationalising Media Studies series. Cheryll has a Ph.D in Communications and New Media from the National University of Singapore.

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