Kate Wright

Chancellor's Fellow
University of Edinburgh

Dr Kate Wright is the Chancellor’s Fellow in the Cultural and Creative Industries at the University of Edinburgh. She is a Co-Investigator on an AHRC project about Humanitarian Journalism. She is also currently writing a book called Who is Reporting Africa Now: Journalists, Non-Governmental Organisations and Multimedia?, which is contracted to Peter Lang. This is based on her doctoral work at Goldsmiths, recommendations from which have been adopted as best practice by major aid organisations and UN agencies. Her interest in the intersection of media, activism and global governance stems from her experiences as a BBC journalist, including her coverage of disasters, terror attacks and wars. She was previously the Media Fellow on an ESRC project about Non-Governmental Public Action at LSE’s Centre for Civil Society and the Visiting Scholar at the NODE Centre for Research into News and Opinion in the Digital Era at Karlstad University in Sweden.

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