Research Projects

Conviviality in the Margins:
Artistic Interventions and the Refugee Crisis


Maria Rovisco
University of Leicester
Jonathan Corpus Ong
University of Massachusetts Amherst

This project takes up conviviality as a conceptual tool to analyze the creative artistic interventions and expressive spaces that facilitate social bonds and invite recognition for refugee communities. Maria Rovisco (University of Leicester) and Jonathan Corpus Ong (University of Massachusetts Amherst) draw comparisons across the convivialities afforded by artistic spaces in the US, UK, and refugee camps in Europe to reflect on potentialities and limitations of open-ended and reparative socialities. We also shed light on the significant challenges that marginalized communities and artists face when embarking on more radical and political forms of public engagement.

We have presented our research in the following conferences:

1. International Communication Association Annual Conference 2017. “Relating with Refugees” panel, Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division. San Diego, CA, USA.

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