Crisis Cultures and Convivialities

We explore both physical and digital spaces that facilitate community solidarities and socialities in crisis contexts. We reflect on the restorative and reparative dimensions of various platforms of social media, community media, and artistic interventions that survivors and their communities find meaningful after rupture.

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Research Projects

Conviviality in the Margins:
Artistic Interventions and the Refugee Crisis

This project takes up conviviality as a conceptual tool to analyze the creative artistic interventions and expressive spaces that facilitate social bonds and invite recognition for refugee communities. We draw on collaborative and comparative work on migrant and refugee artists and communities in France, UK and the US.

LGBTs in Disaster Contexts

This project explores the spaces that enabled new everyday socialities and intimacies that led to local LGBTQ identity expression, belonging, and healing after a disaster. Drawing from interviews and ethnographic fieldwork with crisis-affected people as well as foreign aid workers post-typhoon Haiyan, it aims to open discussion on the often-unspoken queerness of disaster itself, and the liberatory yet risky modes of healing and repair that it potentially offers to its wounded subjects.

The Network
The Newton Tech4Dev Network research team is led by Dr. Jonathan Corpus Ong, Prof. Peter Lunt, and Prof. Julio C. Teehankee.